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AI Tool

UGC = User Generated Content or video made by content creators (real, authentic humans)

by the dozen in record time

For Instagram, TikTok, Ads...

The UGC platform that divides your time by 3 and multiplies your creativity by 2!

Don't waste time choosing designers, select their creations directly!

Creators offer their videos directly to you

Influence4You influencer content

Integrated AI

No need to call in an agency: AI helps you write your creative briefs!

Define the scope of the rights assignment

Media rights
Distribution rights

Set your price

Pay only for the video you want, at the price you set!

A clear commission

Influence4You takes a 25% commission.
Free* subscription
*Introductory offer: for all subscriptions before [deadline].

Test UGC for your brand

5 minutes to launch your campaign.

UGC Classique vs Influence4You

Cut 15 time-consuming steps down to just 5!
UGC platform
UGC platform
30 min.
Manual creation of 1 generic brief
30 min.
Creation of dozens of coherent, creative briefs boosted by AI. You set your price
You are free to choose the price of the videos on which you want to buy the broadcasting rights. Influence4You will add 25% to this price. It's so easy!
0 min
Brief distributed to designers (max 10,000)
0 min
Distribution of briefs to designers (max 250,000)
5 to 15 days
Designers apply
5 to 15 days
Creators take part in the competition and upload their videos directly
30 min.
The brand selects them, then...
30 min.
You select the best ones to broadcast on your social networks and paid
30 min.
Negotiate the price with everyone
5 min
Payment only for selected videos (with transfer of rights)
You can precisely define the scope of the rights transfer. Influence4You will pay the creators directly.
30 min.
Discusses brief
And that's all there is to it!
0 min
Each creator submits a draft of their video
Time is money.
5 min
The brand analyzes video
10 min.
Request 1 touch-up
0 min
The designer redeposits
10 min.
2nd touch-up,
10 min.
10 min.
Video validation
20 min
Recover video for broadcast on networks
20 min
Creator's payment (with assignment of rights)

The benefits

Brands and designers: Influence4You simplifies your life and helps you earn more!

For the brand

Feed your social networks with authentic content and reduce your acquisition costs on your social ads with more effective videos (generally 30% reduction in acquisition costs).

Access 250,000+ influencers for more profiles, more videos and more creativity

Become even more creative with built-in AI

Select and pay only for the videos that interest you

It's effective and you pay for the results!

For the designer

Easily generate recurring revenue!

View dozens of briefs

Get inspired by other designers' proposals

Tour and propose your creations

If your video is selected by the brand, you get paid!

They love

It's the users who say it best.
In 3 minutes, the AI enabled me to generate 30 really creative briefs. Amazing! I was able to plan 3 months' worth of videos for my social networks.
Community Manager
Great. In 24h I received 28 videos. I bought 3 of them. Cost: 450€. Unbeatable!
Free spirit. All rights cleared. I received the videos in several formats. Perfect!
Acquisition manager
I often take part in competitions. The brief is clear, I'm inspired by other designers' proposals and the feedback from brands helps me to progress. I manage to sell 7 to 10 videos a month!
Créatrive UGC

Test it.

5 minutes to launch your campaign.

They chose Influence4You for their campaigns


We answer your questions. If you have any more, don't hesitate to use our chat!

How do I become a UGC creator?

All you need is a cell phone and you can register. All you have to do is register in the "I'm an influencer" section at the top of the Influence4You website to find campaigns and participate. You'll get paid if brands want to buy your rights.

Can I choose several videos for the same brief?

Yes, as many as you like. If you have 20 proposals for a brief and you're interested in 3, you can buy the rights to these 3 videos and refuse the other 17 (it's a good idea to tip the 17 refused videos if you've made an effort, but there's no obligation).

How can I contact the designers?

Here, you're not interested in the creator, but in the video. So when a video is proposed to you, clearly indicate the reason for refusal and the areas for improvement you'd like to see. This way, the creator will be informed and will be able to offer you a new video that meets your needs. This is how exchanges take place: it's factual and it's all about the content produced.

Can I choose the content creators?

The principle of this UGC offer is to directly choose the video that interests you, and not the creator. Here, content is king. And if it's made by a creator with zero subscribers but who's talented, versus an influencer with 50,000 followers who doesn't understand your brief, all the better. It saves you time!

Can we ask the UGC creator to distribute his post on his own social networks?

To create UGC with distribution on the influencer's social networks, you need to take out a market place subscription and create UGC campaigns where you choose the creator to have visibility on his or her social networks. The Creator UGC offer does not allow you to do this. Go to the "pricing" page to see the difference between the 2 offers.

How are video copyrights managed?

When creating the brief, you can fully customize the scope of the rights assignment you request. Of course, we offer a standard template. When the creator submits his video, he validates that he agrees with the scope of the rights assignment you have defined, and we record the date, time and IP address of his acceptance.

Can I send products to UGC designers?

Yes and no. With the Creator UGC offer, you can't contact creators directly (i.e. send them products). What you can do is indicate in the brief that they can buy the product on your site (or an e-merchant), make the video and send it back within 15 days. If you absolutely must send products to the creators, we advise you to go through the UGC Influencers offer (influence4You's MarketPlace offer) and ask for the rights to the videos produced. The process is different. Go to the "pricing" page to see the details of this offer.

Are the videos made with content creators or artificial intelligence?

All the videos are proposed by content creators. So we have real humans proposing authentic content. Artificial intelligence is only used to suggest ideas and help you create briefs, but you don't have to use it.

What's the point of doing UGC?

UGC (User Generated Content) videos allow you to benefit from the authenticity of the creator, for a less advertised image. Content creators bring a unique and creative perspective, offering original and diversified content that stands out from traditional advertising. And best of all, UGC videos are often less expensive to produce than traditional ads, offering a better return on investment for the brand.

How much do videos cost?

You can determine the price of your video (between €190 and €990), knowing that you only pay for the videos you want to buy the rights to. You don't pay for the others. Influence4You takes a 25% commission on top of the creative price.

Please note: a non-binding subscription of €490 (excluding promotional offers) is required to access the platform and submit an unlimited number of campaigns and briefs.

Do I have to choose videos?

No. If you don't like any of our videos, you can choose none. We recommend, however, that you leave a "tip" to thank the creators who are not selected. A new feature allows you to do this in just one click.