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Your company has less than 10 employees

  • Access to 170,927 influencers
  • Creation of  unlimited  campaigns (with max 20 influencers per campaign)
  • Choice of influencers (profile, tarifs etc)
  • Influencer compensation according to brief fulfillment
  • 1 account, unlimited languages, 1 brand
  • Email and phone support
  • Immediate cancellation in one click

€ 470 / month

without commitment


  • Access to  detailed stats and contacts from a database of 8M influencers
  • Campaign management and statistic reports on
  • Unlimited Campaigns (Public or Private)
  • Influencer selection (with prefilter AI & manual) and fake account detection via HypeAuditor
  • Pay influencers according to brief fulfilment
  • Opportunity to run campaigns without paying the influencer (with product gifting)
  • Unlimited accounts
  • International campaigns (languages ​​and unlimited countries)
  • Management of product shipping and sales tracking ( Via your GG analytics)
  • Automation of influencer payments 
  • Provision of a dedicated project manager and phone support
  • Developing creative campaigns with top influencers
  • Other tailor-made options (to be discussed together)


  • Access to detailed statistic reports to export as a PDF/CSV and 8M influencers
  • Campaign management and statistic reports on
  • Unlimited campaigns (public or private)
  • Influencer selection (with prefilter AI and manual) & fake account detection with HypeAuditor
  • Pay influencers according to brief fulfilment
  • Opportunity to run campaigns without paying influencers (with product gifting)
  • Unlimited brands
  • International campaigns (unlimited languages and countries)
  • Management of product shipping and sales tracking ( Via your GG analytics)
  • Billing details for all of your customers
  • Advanced campaign management for agencies
  • Customized reporting with your agency logo
  • Agency dedicated phone support
  • Developing creative campaigns with top influencers for your clients
  • Automation of influencer payments

How to convince my boss

Copy/Paste the text below in an email to your boss

Hi [boss_firstname],

As we discussed, we have high marketing objectives ( [Set_objectives]) .

To achieve this I suggest dedicating time to smaller and medium sized influencers. In fact, studies have shown this to be 12 times more effective than digital advertising (no adblocks, power of recommendation, high audience and commitment, ...) and I think that if we have the right tool, that is cheap and effective, it would be worth getting started.

Good news, I found which:

  • gives us access to more than 100,000 influencers for our campaigns
  • on all networks
  • very easily
  • and gives us the opportunity to choose the influencers, the price, our brief ...
  • with detailed campaign reports
  • and the opportunity to chat live with influencers.

Thus, it saves us the time-consuming process of seeking them out, convincing them, explaining the concept to them, paying them, and then making a report: everything is automated and simple!

There are several offers, but the most advanced is the 990 € HT / month plan which does not involve any commitment. Would you allow me to launch our first campaign and see the results? Here's a video tutorial : - you'll see just how simple it is. We really need to get started!



Influence4You is the best platform that connects social media influencers and advertisers/agencies. It allows famous and emerging influencers to make money by participating in campaigns for brands that they like. Brands can then benefit from influence marketing via influencers that are the most relevant to their target audience. Our platform allows for successful influence marketing campaigns and is based on what we call the Best Friend Effect.

Influencers have a certain number of followers, and most of these followers have developed a relationship of trust with influencers. With the Best Friend Effect, influencers that you choose for your campaigns become ambassadors of your brand, and spread a more personal message to their followers using their own words.

You can register on our platform on the following site: Then you will need to select the offer that corresponds to your business needs, and fill out your information.

On Influence4You you can create all types of campaigns based on your needs/objectives: sending sample products, sponsored YouTube video, sponsored Tweet, sponsored Facebook post, sponsored Instagram post, sponsored blog posts, events.

Yes. You can choose from 2 subscription offers to collaborate with social media influencers:

  • Start-Up : You can use one language and create as many campaigns as you like with up to 20 influencers per campaign on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Premium : You can create campaigns in multiple languages and you now have access to advanced stats about influencers. You can have an unlimited number of influencers participating in your campaigns and you can generate one-click video reporting. In addition, you can choose the pricing and create different user accounts and brands, such as an agency.

Yes, on Influence4You you will find influencers from various industries. Our main sectors are Fashion/Beauty, High-Tech & Gaming, but all others are also available.

Yes. When you publish a campaign on Influence4You, influencers that are interested will apply to it. You then get to pick the ones that are most relevant to this collaboration. You can also contact other influencers by message to ask them for collaboration.

You can chat with influencers that have applied to your campaigns directly on your Influence4You account. You can also send emails to registered influencers with whom you have never had any interaction before.

With Influence4You, you can chose to do paid or unpaid campaigns.
For paid campaigns, you can set your budget beforehand, and pay per result (ie. brief criteria, etc.). Then we pay influencers after deducting the platform commission (approx. 30% - can vary per campaign). For the unpaid campaign, you just have to send “sample products” to influencers.

With Influence4You, you can choose your preferred social network during the campaign creation. For example, you will choose “Sponsored YouTube Video” if you want to collaborate with YouTubers who will create a video dedicated to your brand/product.

In your Influence4You account, you have a real-time access to all your live campaign statistics (ie. campaign cost, number of views, number of likes, audience age, etc.) You get really helpful insights, and can have a better understanding of your performance.

With Influence4You, you are responsible for shipping your products to influencers. But if you want, you can ask for the shipping option and we will manage your sendings.

Yes, by subscribing to the “Agency” offer you will have access to a multi-account interface from which you’ll be able to run unlimited campaigns for all your clients. You will be able to invoice clients separately, and have branded reports for each of them.

Some influencers are paid in euros at the end of each campaign and based on the fulfilment of the brief. You will never pay more than the original established budget and can decrease the amount paid to influencers if they have not entirely respected your brief. In other words, you pay based on results. Some other influencers get paid in points (100 points ≈ 1 euro), and can then redeem them to get gift cards.

Payments are to be made by credit card. Your credit card details will have to be saved at the time of registration to our platform. You can also opt for preauthorized payments, in which case we will need your full bank account information (including IBAN code).