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A leading influence marketing platform in Europe.

Time saving

  • Create your campaigns anywhere in the world
  • The most qualified influencers apply directly to your campaigns
  • Your statistics reports
  • No administrative management
  • Fake Influencer Identification using HypeAuditor index


  • The best profiles amongst 8M influencers
  • Direct calculation of the EMV
  • Engagement rates 50% higher than the market
  • Brief fulfilment rate of 94%


  • 35 experts to tailor your creative operations to the top influencers
  • Assistance in structuring your briefs
  • 45 studies published since 2012 and more than 5000 campaigns
Do you want to be guided through the process?
35 experts in influence marketing to assist with:
• creating your creative campaigns with top influencers
• managing your long term projects

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